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True Craftsmanship Goods

True Craftsmanship Goods

Designed to withstand all the rigors of outdoors.

Trust the Original

Trust the Original

Long-lasting and hard-wearing gear.

Field Journal

Field Journal

Your steadfast companion in the wilds of nature and thought.

Workhorse Gloves

Workhorse Gloves

Heavy-duty nubuck gloves for work and campsite.

 Outdoorsman Knife Sheath

 Outdoorsman Knife Sheath

Purpose-built fixed knife sheath for outdoorsman.

For Man Who Knows

For Man Who Knows

Long-lasting gear you can count on—today and for generations to come

Explore Long-wearing Goods

We are Manufacturer & Outfitter for those venturing off-beaten path, seeking a spirit of raw nature, whether to explore, work, hunt or simply find peace of mind.

— Scott from Canada

“My PTC experience with LP120: I documented every section, every vista, and every thought that crossed my mind. The notebooks are durable, ensuring that even after days of rough handling and exposure to the elements, my entries remained intact. My early entries were sparse, to say the least, but after day 20, this notebook became a trusty companion that helped me navigate both the physical and mind challenges of the trail.“

Owner LP120

— Thomas from Norway

“I guide in Trollheimen NP. Sheath, stove and merino tees have all proven their worth. I can attest that terrain tested the limits of Owen Stitch’s products.”

Owner MW180, AS120 & FGL450

— Ethan from USA

“These product products will likely outlive you.”

Owner LP100, OC450, OC200 & FGL401

— Kayce from Canada

”Gets better as you beat it up. Craftsmanship in every single aspect.”

Owner FGL402

— Mike from USA

”I'm surveyor from WA; I rely heavily on Owen Stitch work jeans, gloves, shirt and belt. Each item has faced countless days of rough use and all kinds of weather. They all holding up great.”

Owner G100, OC450, FGL402, MW270 & LP120

— Jesper from Sweden

“The belt just gets better with age. Tees are built differently and still holding up.”

Owner FGL401, MW180 & OC200

— Matthew from USA

“Truly, Owen Stitch stands as a reliable beacon of best-made products for any outdoorsman.”

Owner FGL450, C100, OC360 & AS120

— Chris from USA

“Quality goods. True mission. This is solid brand.”

Owner FGL401, LP120 & C100

— Martin from Germany

“Leather gets better with age. Their detail on stitchwork is hard to comprehend.“

Owner FGL401 & FGL450

— Esben from Sweden

“I work as a field researcher on Spitsbergen, and my work requires a flexible notebook that can withstand crammed backpack and constant use. This discbound system has exceeded my expectations. I mainly document and record deviations in weather patterns, and the ability to refill, remove, and rearrange pages is crucial for keeping track of evolving data. Over time, it has become a personalized archive of my research.“

Owner LP100

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Knife Rundown: Casstrom Lars Falt

Knife Rundown: Casstrom Lars Falt

Casstrom Lars Falt Knife: A Stalwart of Wilderness Expeditions Deep in the heart of the Scandinavian wilderness, where the forests whisper ancient secrets and the rugged terrain challenges every step,...

Analog memories: Kyrgyzstan III

Analog memories: Kyrgyzstan III

The untold wonders of Kyrgyz land, we’re back in Kyrgyzstan. Explore raw and unfiltered moments from the 2023 journey to Kyrgyzstan captured on the NIKON FM2 with 35mm Kodak Gold...

Book Club: Traplines

Book Club: Traplines

"Traplines: Coming Home to Sawtooth Valley" by John Rember is a poignant and deeply personal exploration of the rugged beauty of Idaho's Sawtooth Valley and the profound connections between land,...

Book Club: The Wilderness of Denali

Book Club: The Wilderness of Denali

Charles Sheldon’s “The Wilderness of Denali” is a captivating exploration of one of North America's most remote and majestic landscapes. Through meticulous observation and vivid storytelling, Sheldon offers readers a...

"True one-stop-shop for every outdoorsman.”
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"Czech startup is opening supply chain of Kyrgyz Merino.”
"Meet the Czech guys that reject business as usual.”
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