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Why we exist

We are an experimental studio, brand, and factory based in Prague. We believe in buying less and enjoying things for longer. Sustainability starts with us crafting thoughtful pieces that stand the test of time, both physically and emotionally. Our vision is to create a world of ethical materials and timeless designs that honor the people who make them and the places where they are made. From everyday objects to apparel, we focus on the finest natural materials that can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle.

We source our materials ourselves. Literally. We call it ethical sourcing, which means we trace every material down to it’s origin, ensuring direct-trade practices, sustainable processes, and safe working conditions along the way.

Our materials come from Kyrgyzstan, a small mountainous country in Central Asia. It's a place that captivated us and didn't let go. We work directly with farmers, growers, and herders to ensure regenerative practices that support local biodiversity.

This method defines us. Without it, we could not exist.

We're a slow-growth company. We don't collect cookies for big data platforms, we don't need aggressive performance ads, and we don't chase venture capital. We are proud to rely only on our own resources, ideas, and thoughts. We're customer-funded, proudly bootstrapped, and they're the only folks we answer to. We don't put hyper-growth above quality and sustainability.

This strategy drives us forward.

Want to go beyond the surface?

Kyrgyzstan is home to many natural resources, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country began to face systematic abuse by its neighbor. China destroyed the local industry and began exporting raw materials as commodities to the Xinjiang region, where genocide against Uighurs is taking place.

After our first visit to Kyrgyzstan, which was originally intended as a backpacking trip, we decided to change this.

Pavel, Robin, Aymen, and Marat founded the KYRINO project, which enables Kyrgyz Mountain Merino Wool to enter the European market while putting an end to the activities of Chinese buyers.

In just two years, they have managed to unite and gain the support of 80% of local farmers from across Kyrgyzstan, who can now work under fair conditions. Thanks to this, they have imported over 110 tons of wool to Europe. With the support of the government and local communities, they are now building the most modern wool processing factory in Central Asia.

Kyrgyz wool won't be the only fiber with a positive impact. The team has started to consolidate cotton farmers and is working on legislative changes for the development of technical hemp.

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