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Why we exist

The world doesn’t need another brand. And certainly doesn’t need more products—products of human work and limited resources that have lost value. We buy more, but care less. We buy more, but ask less. We buy more, but use less. All at the expense of our planet.

We started OWEN STITCH to change this (or at least to try).

We are guided by the old-world wisdom of respecting nature, which takes many notions. It directs our contrarian thinking in material sourcing and manufacturing while underlining the idea of design proven by time—equipping yourself properly for near and far.

We don’t create for seasons; we build for a lifetime. Our promise is to build Lasting Collection that stands the test of time and trend. Both in quality and meaning.

This is the OWEN STITCH way:

1. Own design. What works then works now. We are building upon a reputation for reliability while taking inspiration from explorers, hunters, engineers, mariners and loggers—guiding us to develop timeless goods to endure physically and emotionally.

2. Own material. We source our materials ourselves. Literally. We call it ethical sourcing, which means we trace every material down to it’s origin, ensuring direct-trade practices and safe working conditions along the way. Most of our raw materials come from Kyrgyzstan, a small mountainous country in Central Asia. It's a place that captivated us and didn't let go. We work there directly with farmers, growers and herders to support regenerative practices and local biodiversity.

3. Own factory. There should be a clear difference between brands and manufacturers. We produce our products in our own factory, placing quality at the forefront while encouraging anyone to visit.

4. Own story. Every product is made of scarce natural resources and delicate human work. But the complete picture is rarely told: every piece makes an impact and has a cost. We want to give the whole picture, helping you make more informed decisions.

5. Own rules. We’ve disregarded seasonal collections. We’re cutting out all the middlemen. Bypassing wholesale distribution. Skipping discounts and sales. We’re creating lasting quality at a fair price.

This strategy defines us. Without it, we could not exist.

We're a slow-growth company. We don't do aggressive performance ads and we don't chase venture capital. We are proud to rely on our own resources, ideas and thoughts. We're community-funded and proudly bootstrapped, and we're the only folks we answer to. We don't put hyper-growth above positive impact.

Aymen, Pavel, Robin & team OWEN STITCH

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