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Zoom OC331 Namesake Tote
Zoom OC331 Namesake Tote
Zoom OC331 Namesake Tote
Zoom OC331 Namesake Tote
Zoom OC331 Namesake Tote

OC331 Namesake Tote



Essential year-round tote. This piece is crafted from our heavy 100% organic cotton undyed canvas. Raw cotton is sourced directly from small-holders farms in southern Kyrgyzstan.

↗ Fair traded organic cotton from controlled cultivation with a regulated minimum price. Grown without synthetic inputs, requires less energy to produce, can capture carbon and contributes to healthier soil. These low-impact methods of organic cotton farming create a positive impact in the fight against climate change. Learn more about how we source organic cotton from Kyrgyzstan.


─ Inherently biodegradable
─ Ethically sourced organic cotton from Kyrgyzstan
─ Certified to the highest level of textile sustainability
─ Cut & sew in Czech republic
─ PETA approved vegan


Width: 38 cm
Length: 40 cm
Volume: 12 l

Canvas weight: 331 g/m2

Mind your materials

Canvas fabric

Raw heavy-weight undyed fabric. Made from 100% Kyrgyz organic cotton. IVN BEST & GOTS certified.

Supplier: Gebr. Elmer & Zweifel
os index: 5/5

Sewing thread

Open spun heavy-duty thread for entire construction made of 100% Turkish organic cotton. GOTS certified.

Supplier: Scanfil
os index: 5/5

Kyrgyz organic cotton

Kyrgyz organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown using environmentally friendly methods in the fertile soils of Fergana Valley in the Osh and Jalal-Abad regions.

Low Impact organic cotton

Organic cotton fibers are natural, renewable and inherently biodegradable. 95% of the water used is rain-fed, protecting non-renewable groundwater and surface water resources.

Sustainable organic cotton

Organic cotton protects farmers and their families from harmful chemicals, requires less water than conventional cotton, eliminates GMOs, and regenerates biodiversity in our soil.

Regenerative organic cotton

We believe, that the organic methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and uses less water. That's why all of our virgin cotton is ethically sourced from a bio-farm in Kyrgyzstan, where we work with farmers from seed cultivation to harvest.

Buy less, use longer

Made in Prague, shipped worldwide

25-year guarantee


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