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FGL201 Brown Sheath & Japanese Higonokami


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The Higonokami VG-10 folding pocket knife with a leather sheath and cord that combines form and function. This blade is crafted from VG-10 steel, providing superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. It features a traditional tanto-style blade, making it an ideal tool for everyday use. Experience this timeless knife, produced using traditional techniques passed down through generations of blacksmiths in Japan.

↗ Explore our thoughts and sourcing notes from our visit to Nagao Kanekoma in the Japanese prefecture Hyōgo.

↗ A great choice for a meaningful gift, choose the monogram option for a touch of personal significance.


Higonokami VG-10

─ Durable and rust-resistant VG-10 steel
─ Unique folding design for easy carry
─ Non-slip handle for a comfortable grip
─ Versatile and suitable for various cutting tasks
─ Lightweight for convenient use and portability
─ Handcrafted in Hyōgo, Japan

FGL201 Sheath

─ Full grain strongest and most durable leather
─ Made with an eco-tanning process that saves water
─ Ethically sourced leather from Kyrgyzstan
─ Dyed with natural dyes
─ 100% chrome-free
─ Inherently biodegradable
─ Stitched thread subtly contrasting leather textures
─ Time develops a patina, creating a look that is yours
─ Handcrafted in Prague, Czech republic


Higonokami VG-10

Steel hardness: 61 HRC
Blade length: 75 mm
Handle length: 100 mm
Weight: 44 g

FGL201 Sheath

Width: 30 mm
Length: 90 mm
Thickness: 14 mm
Weight: 28 g

Leather thickness: 6 oz (2.4 mm)


Full grain leather

Sourced directly from the Kyrgyz mountains, where cows and bulls are free to roam all their life. Their leather hides are the by-product of the nomadic way of living.

Supplier: Manas JBS Tanneries
os index: 5/5

Vegetable tannis

Vegetable tanning in the oldest tanneries in Tuscany, using an eco-tanning process that saves water and reduces waste.

Supplier: Virgilio Conceria Artigiana
os index: 5/5

Waxed linen thread

Natural linen grown in Normandy and spun in France. Treated with beeswax to protect against moisture and strengthen the fibers.

Supplier: Maison Sajou
os index: 5/5

Japanese origins

The Higonokami folding knife has a legacy dating back to Japan's Meiji Period in the late 19th century. It has been popular since then and remains a cultural staple to this day.

Design proven by time

Constructed from high-performance VG-10 steel, the Higonokami blade offers superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. It’s durable construction ensures it lasts for a very long time.

Built to last sheath

Hand-stitched full grain leather sheath. Designed to stand the test of time, both physically and emotionally. Lightweight carry for everyday life, no matter the circumstances you face.

Ethical leather from steppes and mountains

We source raw leather directly from the Kyrgyzstan prairie, where cows and bulls are free to roam all their life. Their leather hides are the by-product of the nomadic way of living.

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