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Ethical sourcing

Have you ever dug into how your clothes and accessories were made? We did. It’s the reason we started OWEN STITCH.

Ethical sourcing is a conscious and sustainable approach to obtaining materials. A transparent and holistic connection with farmers, shepherds and factories. A ground-up process of direct material sourcing.

The root of it all: the raw materials are the main ingredient in every piece. As in most industries, fashion production is a race to the bottom, the supply chain being squeezed to increase margins up top. This affects the farthest removed level of the supply chain most, the farms and raw material providers. Hidden behind levels of subcontractors, corners are cut, and social and environmental risks are taken, mostly unseen and out of mind.

Direct trade

Best known in the coffee and tea industries, direct trade is a way of sourcing raw ingredients straight from the farmers, without the use of traditional middlemen. Buying the raw material ourselves lets us do three things: provide our customers with fair prices that reflect the quality instead of the label, provide farmers with better prices and business practices, provide transparency into how our partners conduct their business.

Raw materials

We started OWEN STITCH working directly with shepherds and smallholder farmers in Kyrgyzstan, and we still do today. Every year we expand our on-the-ground personal relationships, working with them to best serve their business and community needs, helping us both grow sustainably.


We believe that traceability—the knowledge of where a product came from, who made it, how, and when—shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard. We build our process from the ground up, starting with the farmers and shepherds. By bypassing the traditional middle people and ensuring a clear chain of custody we’re able to maintain the best business practices for our community, guaranteeing living wages, safe working conditions, fair treatment, and environmental transparency at every step.

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