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Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder
Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder
Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder
Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder
Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder
Zoom MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder

MMF170 Bark-dyed Cardholder

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The quintessential year-round wallet with a pocket-friendly profile and quick-draw access. Made from 100% merino wool, incredibly soft yet sturdy in construction, hand-dyed using tree bark. Hand-stitched in Prague.

↗ This piece is manufactured from post-soviet wool that we saved from decommissioned wool processing factory in Kyrgyzstan. Read more about this material story.


This super soft material is made from a mixture of virgin and pre-consumer merino wool, which helps diversify our material sources and gives fibers a second life by repurposing unused waste.

Wool is a delicate natural fiber; it’s sometimes prone to pilling after use. Occurring in areas exposed to friction, which causes the shorter fibers to lift out of the surface. Pilling can easily be removed by running a pilling comb over the area.

─ Strongest semi-fine wool fibres
─ Ethically sourced merino wool from Kyrgyzstan
─ Hand-dyed with natural dyes
─ 100% acid-free
─ Inherently biodegradable

─ Slim design for front or rear pocket carry
─ 1 quick-access slot for your daily cards
─ Carry 6-10 cards, and up to 8 folded bills
─ Keeps bulk to an absolute minimum
─ Stitched thread subtly contrasting felt texture
─ Designed to streamline your daily carry
─ Wear developing a fluffy-ness, creating a look that is yours


Width: 7 cm

Length: 9.5 cm

Thickness: 1.5 cm

Weight: 19 g

Felt thickness: 3.5 mm


Have you ever dug into how your clothes and accessories were made? We did. It’s the reason we started OWEN STITCH.

This curiosity led us to create a dedicated process. We call it ethical sourcing: a sustainable and conscious approach to material sourcing.

That means that we trace every material down to its origin, ensuring direct-trade practices, fair pay and safe working conditions along the way. Scroll down ↘ to learn more about every material used for this product.


The fundamental attributes of ethical products are quality and durability. But that also takes effective care of the material.


We guarantee everything we make. But if you are not satisfied with at the time you receive it, you can return or exchange the purchased product in its original condition within 30 days.

Mind your materials

Mountain merino felt

Supplier: Tamer
Material: Mountain merino wool felt
Process: Machine felting, hand-dye process
Certification: Internal audit only
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Raw material: Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

os index: 5/5

Pine tree bark

Supplier: Purchased from the local market
Material: Pine tree bark
Process: Handpicked from fallen trees
Certification: N/A
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Altynarasan, Kyrgyzstan
Raw material: Altynarasan, Kyrgyzstan

os index: 5/5

Waxed linen thread

Supplier: Maison Sajou
Material: Waxed linen
Process: Ring spinning
Certification: OEKO-TEX®
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Amiens, France
Raw material: Normandy, France

os index: 5/5

Rayon cellulose thread

Supplier: TAMA Bohemia, s.r.o.
Material: 100% rayon cellulose
Process: Open end spinning
Certification: OEKO-TEX®
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Sulice, Czech Republic
Raw material: Unkown

os index: 3/5

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