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Product philosophy

The raison d’être of OWEN STITCH is to ‘built to last without harm‘, which is the cornerstone of our product philosophy.

Everything that is manufactured requires resources, and all these resources have some impact on our environment and on people. The resources we use and what we use these resources for is a question of responsibility. We see it as a combination of environmental, functional and human responsibility.

As a company, we have unlimited responsibility for the big picture and it is our obligation to work on these issues at all times in order to achieve more sustainable development in the world.

A fancy way to say it.

But our product philosophy is seemingly simple — build products that don't compromise on design, earth impact, quality or the integrity of the people who made them.

Product checklist

The approach to creating a responsible product is not something to be improvised. It is a process with a lot of unknown unknowns. At OWEN STITCH, we ask four fundamental questions:

1. Does the product has a place in this world?

2. Can we ethically source our materials?

3. Can we design built to last without causing harm?

4. How do we develop a sustainable production process?

Asking the right questions

Allows us to address every issue and incorporate every lesson learned since our origins. As with anything of value, our process is always a work in progress. But its foundations are solid and have proven to be one of our biggest strengths. Should we find any doubt in any of the questions? Nope, we won't build it. Period. Our product philosophy is restrictive, but it helps focus on simplicity and end-use. It also makes OWEN STITCH product identifiable; if you were to take the logo off, you could still see it’s ours.

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