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Zoom FGL008 Black Coaster
Zoom FGL008 Black Coaster
Zoom FGL008 Black Coaster
Zoom FGL008 Black Coaster
Zoom FGL008 Black Coaster

FGL008 Black Coaster

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You put your fresh cold drink on the table. The glass is starting to condensate and innocent droplets start forming on the side of the glass. The droplets begin to slide slowly towards the unprotected table. When the droplet finally reaches its destination, it creates a perfect circle on the beautiful surface of your table. FGL008 says to this: you shall not pass.

↗ The set will include 4 coasters and pairs perfectly with a large desk pad.


Robust coaster with burnished edges. Made in Prague. Backed by our 25-year warranty.

─ Full grain strongest and most durable leather
─ Made with an eco-tanning process that saves water
─ Ethically sourced leather from Kyrgyzstan
─ Dyed with natural dyes
─ 100% chrome-free
─ Inherently biodegradable
─ Time develops a patina, creating a look that is yours


Size: 9.6 x 9.6 cm

Length: 25 cm

Thickness: 2.2 cm

Weight: 20 g

Leather thickness: 5 oz (2.2 mm)


Have you ever dug into how your clothes and accessories were made? We did. It’s the reason we started OWEN STITCH.

This curiosity led us to create a dedicated process. We call it ethical sourcing: a sustainable and conscious approach to material sourcing.

That means that we trace every material down to its origin, ensuring direct-trade practices, fair pay and safe working conditions along the way. Scroll down ↘ to learn more about every material used for this product.


The fundamental attributes of ethical products are quality and durability. But that also takes effective care of the material.


We guarantee everything we make. But if you are not satisfied with at the time you receive it, you can return or exchange the purchased product in its original condition within 30 days.

Mind your materials

Full grain leather

Supplier: Manas JBS Tanneries
Material: Full grain leather
Process: Raw hide preservation
Certification: Internal audit only
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Manas, Kyrgyzstan
Raw material: Talas region, Kyrgyzstan

os index: 5/5

Vegetable tannins

Supplier: Virgilio Conceria Artigiana
Material: Plant and tree tannis
Process: Vegetable eco-tanning
Certification: Internal audit only
Certification licence: N/A
Manufacturing location: Ponte a Egola, Italy
Raw material: Europe

os index: 5/5

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