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OC: Organic cotton

All our virgin cotton is sourced from the bio-farm in Kyrgyzstan and grown with organic practices that eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds.

Only 0.96% of worldwide production is grown organically

When we scrutinised cotton fabric to determine its environmental impact, we thought that cotton was “pure” and “natural” because it was made from a plant. We were right about the plant. However, very little is pure or natural about cotton when it is grown conventionally.

Conventional cotton production uses up to 16% of the world’s insecticides, and 7% of herbicides. These chemicals are then washed out of soils, polluting rivers and damaging the environment.

Cotton farming also requires large amounts of water for irrigation causing soil salinisation, drying up of lakes and other large bodies of water.

The alternative to this scenario is to eliminate synthetic chemical use and instead use organically grown cotton.

Our solution: organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown with minimal use of harsh chemicals, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for farmers and their families.

Why organic cotton

No harsh chemicals are used, eliminating water contamination and pollution, and keeping waters safe for people and wildlife.

Organic cotton clothing is safer to wear for even sensitive skins. Its light and comfortable material lets you feel good naturally.

Farmers work without exposure to harsh chemicals. Workers are then able to invest in families’ futures and education by living healthier lives.

Biodiversity: mother nature’s secret weapon

We believe, that the organic methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and uses less water. That's why all of our virgin cotton is ethically sourced from a bio-farm in Kyrgyzstan, where we work with farmers from seed cultivation to harvest.

Next step: pre-finance harvest

In other words, buy our organic cotton before it's turned into a t-shirt, agree on the price of cotton signing an annual contract with the producers. That way, the producers know how much they will earn from the harvest before planting a single seed. This price is market-decorrelated to make sure producers can live decently and reinvest in their farms.

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