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FGL: Full grain leather

We source raw leather directly from the Kyrgyzstan prairie, where cows and bulls are free to roam all their life. Their leather hides are the by-product of the nomadic way of living.

Only 9.8% of worldwide production is vegetable tanned leather

Nowadays, most of the leather comes from slaughterhouses and high output farms where cows live in tiny spaces.

We thought that justice was done during the production process. After all, the material comes from an animal; it must be used and processed wisely - no, we were wrong.

Most leather producers tan their leather with chrome and other heavy chemicals on huge production lines that use a lot of water and consume a lot of energy.

Our solution: ethical leather

Where animals are treated with care and respect, grazing on the vast grasslands, far from the stress of the slaughterhouse.

Why ethical full grain leather

High altitude and extreme continental climate. A combination that gives the leather durability, resilience, and signature grain that last for years.

From birth and life on the plain to an end on the plain, responsible harvesting is a critical piece of the nomadic way of living.

No synthetic processing. But an organic process that eliminates toxic substances and rests on plant tannins from bark and plant tissues.

Room to roam, and dignity in death

We do not believe in killing animals for sport, but we do believe in harvesting them respectfully for food — with an inherent by-product of the leather hide.

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