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Considered, timeless and authentic pieces that stand the test of time and trend.

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Crafted from our very core: considered design, community, ethical sourcing in Kyrgyzstan, and local production in Prague.

Why we exist?

We ethically source natural materials in Kyrgyzstan. In just two years, they have managed to unite and gain the support of 80% of local farmers from across Kyrgyzstan, who can now work under fair conditions. Our vision is to manufacture timeless, functional, and sustainable products that will stand the test of time, both physically and emotionally.

Our story

Rethinking the entire process. You have our word.

Ethically sourced materials

We use ethical sourcing as a ground-up approach to obtaining materials. That means that we trace every material down to it’s origin, ensuring direct-trade practices, fair pay and safe working conditions along the way.

25-years guarantee

We guarantee everything we make. The best product is useful, versatile, long-lasting & repairable. Our ideal is regenerative products that give back to the earth as much as they take.

Radical transparency

Have you ever dug into how your clothes and accessories were made? We did. That's why we provide a material breakdown for every product. Don't take our word for it; check it yourself, open any product and scroll down.


We produce sustainably, so we do not use any adhesives, pesticides, solvents, or chemicals for manufacturing or material processing.

Local manufacturing in Prague

We design responsible and timeless designs, stripped of unnecessary complexities and simple by construction. Every piece is handcrafted and unique.

Helping communities in Kyrgyzstan

We are committed to donating 1% of every sale to protect the environment and help unserved communities thrive in places where we sourced our materials.

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Material guide: Full grain leather

In the vast grasslands of Kyrgyzstan, a timeless tradition is being kept alive. Here, nomadic herdsmen tend to their cattle, allowing them to roam free and live out their lives...

Visit our showroom in Prague

Where a showroom visit meets the reality of manufacturing, experience ethically sourced materials, understand what connects Prague and Kyrgyzstan, and try our products first-hand.

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We supply responsible design and ethically made custom objects for companies, teams, and communities that invest in quality and sustainability.


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25-year guarantee


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