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We’re ending the era of throwaway merch.

By supplying responsible design and ethically made custom objects. For companies, teams, communities and events that invest in quality and sustainability.

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Amplify brand awareness

Impress your clients and reward your team by creating welcome bundles with long-lasting, sustainable designs that will still be in use years from now.

Elevate sustainability message

We ethically source materials from Kyrgyzstan and manufacture locally in Prague. We maintain 100% transparency in every step of the process.

Choose true sustainability

Our focus is solely on natural materials that will decompose in nature at the end of their life cycle: merino wool, organic cotton, and full grain leather.

Companies we've worked with

What people say about us

High Cuff

"Smooth and efficient process. Helpful and responsive team provided guidance. Final product exceeded expectations: highest quality tags, as envisioned."

Alexandr Popov, Owner

Czech railways

"OWEN STITCH brought our design visions to life. Ensured samples, lead times, and smooth production for custom-made wallets. Well-received by the board and partners."

Jan Cakl, Director of Propagation


"OWEN STITCH Team helped us achieve unique gifts conveying our company's message. Monogramming options let us add a personal touch and make gifts truly special."

Benjamin Walser, CMO

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Supply: Marketing innovator from Czech Railways

Sustainability-focused companies have opted to give our products to their partners and employees instead of one-time-use products. Our products are designed to be simple, free from unnecessary complexities, and constructed...

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Material guide: Full grain leather

In the vast grasslands of Kyrgyzstan, a timeless tradition is being kept alive. Here, nomadic herdsmen tend to their cattle, allowing them to roam free and live out their lives...

Kyrgyzstan: A country that chose us

When we travel to Kyrgyzstan, all of our senses are awakened. Kyrgyzstan is a small country nestled in the heart of Central Asia and landlocked by China to the east,...

Material guide: Organic cotton

In the valleys of Kyrgyzstan, a story is unfolding. A story of tradition, community, and a deep connection to the land. It's a story that we've been honored to be a...


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