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How to care for leather

We believe that the fundamental attributes of a fairly manufactured product are quality and durability. But this also rests on effective material care.

Full-grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather available anywhere. Unlike lesser grades of leather such as “top-grain” or “genuine leather”, full-grain leather has the complete natural grain intact which makes it the strongest and most durable type of leather. Over time it will develop a beautiful patina as it ages and will last for many years of use.

Proper care for full grain leather extends the product lifetime by decades. When full grain leather gets dirty, wet, or you feel dry cracking, best to grab leather care wax and stick to a handful of ground rules. Wax gives full grain leather luster, resilience and simultaneously impregnates for water resistance.


If you full grain leather get dirty, moist cloth with lukewarm water, and clean those nasty residues, but be careful not wet the leather. After that, dry it and smear your piece with leather care wax.

Full grain leather, leather care


If your full grain leather gets wet, then dry it with the cloth and let it dry out. But be careful not to bend or stretch your piece because leather easily remembers the shape. After drying, smear your piece with leather care wax.

Full grain leather, leather care

If the full grain leather is cracking, you underestimated the care and let your piece dry out too much. But nothing is lost here. Use wax and smear the leather repeatedly until it you feel wax has been absorbed. The leather gradually hydrates and will live on.

Full grain leather, leather care


We work with leather every day; it was clear that sooner or later, we would mix our very own wax. And we did; during development, we had to go beyond the surface and carefully pick only local materials sourced directly from Czech beekeepers. And our favorite - beeswax with lemon grass aroma hand-mixed and filled in our Prague factory.


Full grain leather, leather care

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