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Product Guide: Bespoke Monogram Provision

Durable. Dependable. Original. Made personal.

Monogramming is our way to personalize and add a touch of sophistication to make a one-of-a-kind OWEN STITCH product. Our leather is a living material that bleeds, wears in, and develops a unique patina over time. Monogramming is a timeless way to make our long-lasting leather products even more special.

Our monogramming provision allows for up to 4x characters combination. This can be used to add initials, abbreviations, year, or a short word of your choice. The process is entirely handmade, with each letter carefully placed into a custom-made tool and leveled for precise placement. With no room for mistakes, we take great care to ensure a high level of attention to detail, resulting in a beautiful and crisp imprint.

Embossing itself is done on a hot stamping machine, which has been developed specifically for OWEN STITCH Factory by a family-run machine workshop in South Korea. Our character library is a work of art in and of itself, accounting for over 180 characters, each micro-machined from solid blocks of brass and hand-finished with plus or minus 0.1 millimeter tolerances.

As for our font, we use the Maison, a grotesque typeface developed by Timo Gaessner, a Berlin-based graphic and type designer. The font was constructed using rigid elements to achieve a minimalist, industrial feel, paying homage to early twentieth-century modernist design concepts. We have been using the Maison font since our inception and plan to continue doing so.

You can choose up to 4x characters combination.

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What can you monogram? Most of our leather products. If we should handpick a few that standout:

  • FGL401 Purpose-built Leather Belt
  • LP100 Discbound Journal 
  • FGL170 Hand-stitched Minimalist Wallet

But choose wisely; it's important to choose your monogram carefully, whether for You or a person gifted. Our products are built to last a very long time, and the monogramming is meant to add personal significance.

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