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PBL: Plant based leather

Plant based alternative to animal leather, plastic-free and circular by design. MIRUM® is bio-neutral and made with zero animal products and petrochemicals.

Most "vegan" leathers are made out of fossil-fuel-derived inputs

99% petroleum-based material and it is often overused as a leather alternative.

Because most of the vegan leathers on the market are made entirely from synthetic materials. This includes materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), both made from fossil fuels. Those are materials that do not biodegrade and cannot be recycled.

Circularity is a journey, and we are just at our beginning. With each OWEN STITCH product, we consider the environmental and social impacts across the entire life cycle. For years, we have been seeking circular naturally-derived material as an alternative to our finite source of full grain leather.

Our solution: MIRUM® plant based leather

Material made out of 100% bio-neutral and natural ingredients with leather matching properties: MIRUM® helps divert away from leather imitation containing harmful petrochemicals.

Why plant based leather

MIRUM® is manufactured in a closed-loop system and produced with renewable inputs: natural rubber, oil, and wax.

Recyclable, made from nutrients, and free from plastics. Cutting scraps and worn-out products can be fed into a new production or safely put into the soil.

Long-lasting and durable material properties match our signature full grain leather.

Lower impact leather

As much as 40x less carbon impact than traditional chrome tanned leather and 17x less carbon impact than synthetic vegan leather made of plastic.

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