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Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze

Udržitelnost, design & kvalita

Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze

Navštiv OWEN STITCH Factory na Žižkově


First and foremost, we’re a material company. And we believe in buying less and enjoying longer. Sustainability starts with us creating considered pieces that are built to last and ends with you caring for them for years to come.

From daily objects to apparel, we focus on the finest natural fibers and materials, which can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle. We use ethical sourcing as a ground-up approach to obtaining materials. That means that we trace every material down to its origin, ensuring direct-trade practices, fair pay, and safe working conditions along the way.

In 2018, we set out on a mission to change how natural materials are sourced, better for the people, better for the planet. Our vision is to create a world of timeless designs that honor the people who make them and the places they’re made.

We're a slow-growth company. We don't chase venture capital or need investors— we're customer-funded, proudly bootstrapped, and they're the only folks we answer to. And we don't put hyper-growth above quality and sustainability.

Co-founders Robin & Pavel, OWEN STITCH Prague HQ

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