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Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze

Udržitelnost, design & kvalita

Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze

Navštiv OWEN STITCH Factory na Žižkově

Supply: Marketingový inovátor z Českých drah

Marketing innovator from Czech Railways: I know that sustainable gifts for employees and partners were the right move.

Our products are built on simplicity, stripped of unnecessary complexities and simple by construction. Every piece is handcrafted and our process of ethical sourcing sets the bar. This concept drives us and our community forward. And some even liked it so much that they order not just one OWEN STITCH piece, but hundreds. Companies that choose direct sustainability and donate OWEN STITCH to their partners and employees.

At the end of last year, we took on the largest corporate order to date for the National carrier Czech Railways, for which we produced 250 wallets FGL170 and FGL171.

We interviewed the Director of Marketing, Honza Cakl, about the reasons why Czech Railways decided on OWEN STITCH Supply and why "Sustainable Corporate Gifting" makes sense to them.


What was the reason for you to start thinking about the direction of sustainable gifting?


Why did you choose OWEN STITCH Supply?


What was the feedback from employees and partners?


Over time, how do you evaluate the cooperation with OWEN STITCH Supply?


What did you appreciate most about our products?


Who would you recommend OWEN STITCH Supply?


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