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Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze 

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Zdarma doručení přes Zásilkovnu, PPL nebo osobní vyzvednutí v Praze 

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MMF: Horská merino plsť

Our merino wool felt from the Tian Shan mountain region in Kyrgyzstan, where shepherds live in symbiosis with mountain merinos. We source our felt from one of the most dynamic environments in the world.

Inherently renewable and biodegradable holding remarkable properties

Where a generation of knowledge comes together. Where we work with nature to create earth-friendly material.

Beginning in the Kyrzygz Tian Shan mountains, we source our fiber from an animal that roams free - one that has evolved in this habitat for thousands of years. Because sheep are innate to this environment, they're inherently sustainable. 

Sheeps nimble only the tops of grasses and other plants; they do not rip plants out of the ground, allowing the vegetation to grow back.

Our solution: mountain merino felt

Fiber that is uniquely functional and versatile. From rugged mountains where sheep have evolved for millions of years. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan.

Why mountain merino felt

With fibres that are 20% the diameter of human hair, merino wool is breathable, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking.

The Kyrgyz mountain merino has evolved in one of the most dynamic climates on planet earth.

No toxic chemicals that cause water contamination and pollution. But Natural dyes are derived from nature - black tea and pine tree bark.

Next step: save more wool

90% of our mountain merino felt is produced from salvaged stock that we purchased from a closed wool factory in Kyrgyzstan. Learn more in this story: How we saved post-soviet wool from decommissioned factory.

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